Wednesday, March 27, 2013

William's 1st Listening Chart

  Literally in the last few days the bud has stopped listening. Ok I am exaggerating a bit but he knows the word, "no." He uses it when I ask him to eat, get ready for bath, go downstairs and more! I decided we needed to introduce a listening chart ASAP!
 In my "teacher" brain I had the best idea and the chart would be amazing. However I have no supplies so I had to work with what I had. The super creative chart will be made this weekend, I hope. Basically this one is marker and poster board. When the bud LISTENS he gets to mark in a space. He loves it but does not want to put the marker away. I will say he has caught on very quick. He is working towards a juice box.

Looking at the chart in a picture...WOW...I made this in less than 5 minutes with the bud standing on it. I am definitely upgrading this weekend :)

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