Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Months

Could these monthly pictures get any harder to take?

  • 24 Months/ 2T clothes.  This is the problem-pants are too big in the waist and after one or two washes it seems like William needs 3T in shirts.  Very tall, very skinny (little) man I am blessed to call my son.
  • Size 6 shoes still fit but the new Sperry's my Dad bought him are a 7.
  • Size 4 Diapers and 5 at night.
  • 16 Teeth because those 4 eye teeth are basically all the way through.  Count down to being over teething is on!
  • Bedtime is around 8 (closer to 9) and wake up is around 7 (a little earlier because of time change).  Naps at daycare range between 1-2 hours but at home we are lucky to get an hour.
  • Muffins or bananas for breakfast (sometimes I can persuade him to eat oatmeal).  Lunch at school during the week but at home usually a toddler meal.  Dinner is a toddler meal or PBJ.  He will eat spaghetti when we cook it.  Go ahead call me a lazy mother but William will not eat meat or anything we cook.  I do not know how daycare gets him to eat their homemade food.  William still puts away a Publix cookie in about 5 minutes.  He LOVES bananas and now if he sees a picture of one he has to eat one.  Still loves his milk but now drinks straight water during the day.  There are days when he does not eat much AT ALL and nothing we offer works. 
  • William is better with his coloring skills and now gets color on the page.  Before he held the crayon on its side so there was not much color getting on the page.  He is also feeding himself with a fork.  William does lose patience with it half way through the meal and I finish feeding him.  He can also pull his pants up and down.  Now that its colder he is wearing footie pjs and unzips those in his sleep.  Ha.  Safe to say his fine motor skills improved over the past month.
  • Brand new very clear word-"bye."  He tells everything bye now and I mean EVERYTHING.  William says "bye" to water draining from the tub, toys when he is leaving the room, people, food, etc.  I absolutely love hearing his voice.  He is improving with communication and copying sounds better.  All in his own time!
  • William loves sharing.  He will put his forkful of food into our mouths (yuck) and offer his drink.  He always gives us our own crayon.  William has a big heart.  He has just started holding out his hand for us to hold.  Melts my heart. 
  • He pitches his share of fits but I usually can blame it on something.  I am not taking up for him because sometimes he is just being defiant.  His behavior improved tremendously once his eye teeth came in.  If he sleeps well he is a lot happier.  Also lack of words contributes to his frustration.  He will bang his head on floor which makes us very sad!

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