Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday "Funday"

  After Wal-Mart we decided to take William to the waterfalls in Helena.  He took such a good nap (on me) yesterday after the park we thought we should take him again.  William loves the park and walks around until you literally put him in the carseat.  The slides at this park were super fast and after William went down the first one he no longer went down alone. 
  We also enjoyed some time on the seesaw until I lost balance I fell flat on my back.  I had William (like an idiot) but the only thing that happened to him was a scare.  Rudy said you held him like a football player holding a football.  Basically I let myself get hurt but would not let the bud hit the ground at all.  My head hit very hard, my chin is scratched, I bit the inside of my cheek, my jaw hurts, and I have ear pain.  Is that ridiculous or what?  All in all it was fun and now the bud is sleeping like a champ (in his crib).

Throwing rocks into the creek.

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