Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday--I Dressed Up

So...I work in a call center and the dress code is very relaxed. Some people take "relaxed" a bit too far and their outfit is only suitable for the house. Seriously, faded sweat pants and a cat shirt is not appropriate for public wear even in a call center. I was actually happy I had the hubs take my picture because I should really my fix the hair. However, if I am going to wear my hair down I must Chi it and my hair is ridiculously thick so its takes forever.

I am wearing an Old Navy dress from last year (I only wore it once) and the boots are ankle high from Target.  I will also say if I plan to continue doing these posts I must stand differently.  Ha.  Do you notice how the dress looks "tucked in" at my waist?  Well, I blame that on my pedometer (look close) and that you will have to deal with.  Its a program I particpate in through work: your earn money for walking.  I earned 250 last year and just started over with much higher goals. 

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