Thursday, November 1, 2012


My goal for November is to post weekly on what I am thankful for in my life.  I may repeat myself which just means that particular thing is very important to me.  Here it goes and of course in no order:

  1. My hubs because he puts up with me each and every day.  I admit that I have moments when he has to center me (usually when I need sleep).
  2. The bud because he not only makes my makes me smile but he is teaching me how to be a Mommy.  The biggest thing so far is patience.  I do not have a choice but to be patient with my son.
  3. My parents because they do so much for us.
  4. My job because it supports my family and it is the beginning of an amazing career.  I have faith!
  5. The roof over my head.  I work in Collections and I am more than thankful for my home!
*Keeping it to about 5 a week because ya know I am thankful for more than 5 things!!

  Leaving you with a few pictures--

We did not pose like this on purpose but I LOVE it!

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