Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Organizing

Next up is some of the cabinets in the kitchen and microwave area.  William gets sick pretty easily and if you read my blog you know he has an allergy to dogs.  His allergist made us try almost every OTC allergy med made before finally giving us a presciption.  So the first cabinet became known as "William's junk cabinet" which really started annoying me.  This is a kitchen not a pharmacy so I went through all the meds and got rid of a lot.  I hate throwing away money but since he is on a prescription why keep the OTC stuff?
I went through everything and put meds to keep in a big Ziploc and put under his bathroom sink (which is safety locked).  We have leftover ear and eye drops which are like gold.  William has had pink eye 2x and now with drops on hand we do not have to see a doctor.  I could open up a pharmacy with all the creams I bought for William since he was born.  Finally, we got a prescription for ezcema as well. 

This is the after.  I moved some kitchen appliances to the top and middle shelves.  I did have to leave a few meds we use enough to keep around.  I put liquid vitamins in William's drinks as well as probiotics.  Last time he was sick with an ear infection, pink eye, and a cold I started him on probiotics.  I feel like they are helping and I did research opinions.  Probiotics keep the "gut" cleaned out and also put "good" bacteria in the system.  They are expensive but less than a co pay at the doctor. 

No before pic because I did not plan on organizing this cabinet.  I ended moving a few appliances over to the cabinet in the above pic and just organized the other things.

I finally got rid of the drying rack I used for bottles the sippy cups (was on fridge in below pic).  William is very tall and was pulling the whole rack down.  So now I made room for his cups (above pic) in the dishes cabinet.  And now the microwave area looks a lot better.  I did not take a before pic because it was just embarrassing.  I was using the top of the microwave for random papers, coupons, etc.  If you are wondering about the mini fridge we use it for drinks.  I drink a lot of soda and there is not room in the reg fridge for my cases. Ha. 

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