Friday, January 10, 2014

Hannah's Birth Story

  I went on Wednesday night to get things started.  However, since they didn't have a room when I got there I only got 2 doses of the meds to thin my cervix instead of the usual 3.  This I'm sure prolonged my dilation progress on Thursday.  
  The pitocin was started on Thursday and my doctor broke my water.  She immediately ordered the epidural so I thought for sure I would dilate fast (at 2 at this point).  Progress was slow all day until finally they had me sit up in bed.  
  This let gravity take over.  If I had known this I would have done it a lot earlier in the day.  They checked me again and I was around 7 so my parents went to get William from school.  I was thinking she would get here by 8 but soon after I was checked I felt intense pressure.
  The nurse came in because Hannah's heart rate dropped so I told her about the pressure.  She checked again and I was a 9!  My doctor stayed late to deliver her and I began pushing around 5:15 and she arrived at 5:46!  
  No details other than I used the mirror this time and I am so glad I did!  What a miracle birth is to see in person especially my own daughter!  However, Rudy did not take a peek at all.  
  Everything was great except they were short staffed so it took a while for them to give me Hannah.  Since the epidural was still in me I could not move; that part sucked!  It also took a lot longer for the epidural to completely go away than with the the Bud.  
  So there you have it.  I will continue with getting home, first few days and more when Hannah allows it.  

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