Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hannah's First Week

  We were discharged Saturday from the hospital and came home as a family of four.  William has been great with sissy.  He "pets" her and kisses her hair.  Hannah came home nursing and on a supplementation formula.  She was doing ok with this but was always acting hungry even with formula.  
  She eventually started spitting up pretty bad and we could not soothe her.  On Wednesday I began to think it was reflux so I put her on sensitive formula.  
  Things did not really improve she would spit up after nursing, formula or pumped milk.  I say spit up but this seemed like the whole feeding coming up.  It also was coming out her nose.  So I called the nurse.
  The doctor wanted to see her on Friday morning...
  She was diagnosed with reflux and put on Enfamil AR.  I asked about Zantac but the doctor wants to try other methods first.  Hannah is doing so much better!  Her feedings are consistent (about 3-4 hours) and she sleeps well. 
  She is held a lot for naps but occasionally will be in the swing.  I swaddle her at night and she sleeps in the pack n play by our bed.  I'm not beating myself up about holding her because I go back to work next month.  I'm getting in all the cuddles I can!  
  Hoping to get posts up on how we are juggling 2 kids, and her 2 week checkup by the end of next week... 

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