Friday, August 14, 2015

William-4.5 Years Old

He is the best!!!  Hannah thinks he hung the moon.  I do not know anyone with a more loving heart....

William's favs are golfing with Baba and Daddy, playing on my phone, taking showers "all by myself," his rain boots, and cooking.  

He can write his name pretty well, knows more letters than he lets on.  I think he does not like me "testing" his school 
skills.  This is a big year at school and I expect to see leaps and bounds!

William is still not a great eater.  He weighs about 38 lbs and is in size 5
shirts.  However, he can still wear 3T shorts.  Naps are still great and bedtime is around 8.   William is still an early riser and is awake no later than 615.  

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