Friday, April 3, 2015

15 Months-Hannah

Hanny is 15 months old.  These were the best photos we could get with the sticker.

She just will not sit still ever even eating is a struggle!  Hannah is still much better with meals than William ever was (still is). Her favorites include chicken, muffins, and any fruit.  She rarely will touch veges so I give her pouches.
Hannah is in 18 months clothes and size 3 diapers but 4 at night.  I'm buying size 4 next time because they fit fine as well for day.
She loves stuffed animals and dolls.  She carries one around constantly and also sleeps with one.  Hannah is not the best napper but usually gives us 12 or more hours at night.  Bedtime is around 6 and at home I usually get 2 naps.  Daycare hates me and doesn't force 2 so she sleeps only about an hour there.  Hence the 6 bedtime!!!

And her brother.  At this point in her tiny life he's the love of her life.  She follows him everywhere.  Here he has the 15 month sticker and she ain't having it.  There is already some bickering but they truly love each other. 

Hannah is a dare devil and I say almost daily she'll be my kid with a broken bone.  She climbs, runs faster than any kid her age should, puts her entire face in the bath water, and more.  She isn't scared of anything except people! 

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