Friday, October 2, 2015

Hannah-20-21 Months

Hannah is now in 24 months or 2T clothing and size 5 diapers.  She's in a 7 shoe which I feel is pretty big.

She has started talking a lot more and repeats several words.  Some that come to mind are: ice, please, cheese, night, bye, mama, dada, maw, Minnie, meme...

I am very happy with her progress with speech.  More big news is---no paci!!! Hannah had hand, foot, and mouth and refused to take it all weekend.  I just never gave it back and that was it.  We had a rough weekend but by Monday she was going down with no problems. The only thing that happened since she quit the paci was super early wakings.

She has started to climb our stairs very well but we aren't taking down gates anytime soon.  I also don't see a big girl bed in her future.  She loves the crib and has never tried to get out.  Hannah just scream very loudly when she wants out. 

I've also seen a lot of signs that she wants to use the potty.  I may end up training her before Disney but likely will be after we return.  

Nothing new to report with eating she still loves to eat.  Although a bit pickier she is no where near as bad as our bud.  

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