Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Months

Geez what a month!!

  • Crawling EVERYWHERE
  • Still only the 2 teeth on the bottom.
  • First Thanksgiving at Meme's
  • Ear infection (2x)
  • Antibiotics (2x)
  • Feeds himself puffs but will open mouth for you
  • Experimenting with table food: green beans, eggs, etc.  (I feel like next month we will be doing a lot more table food and less purees)
  • Getting your two teeth brushed (infant orajel toothbrush kit)
  • Never sits still (clothing and diapering is tough)
  • Met Santa (and hated him)
  • Waving
  • Clapping (literally the first time was today)
  • Hitting head a few times (just so squirmy)
  • Getting told "no"
  • Not enjoying bath as much, but had a bath in the kitchen sink at Grammie's and loved it
  • Busted lip (crawling at Grammie's, went onto hardwood, sat up, then proceeded to fall on face, funny how he rarely falls when on carpet or rugs)

  • Size 3 diaper...moving to 4's at night
  • Mostly 12 mo. clothes...PJ's 12-18 mo. (a little big)
  • 4 oz. before daycare, 4 oz., 6, 8 at daycare, 6 at bedtime
  • 1 fruit, 2 veges, and rice (at daycare)
  • Bibs all of the time
  • Bed by 6:30 awake at 6 (we wake for daycare)
  • Naps at daycare are random but at home may sleep for around 1.5 hrs.

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