Thursday, December 1, 2011

13 on Thursday

1.  I work 11-8 every Thursday and I am blessed because when I was hired I was told 2 nights. 
2.  3 hrs. mandatory overtime required on your late night.  Yes I will be working a 12 hr shift (probably 12/15) collecting money!  Eeks.  Again blessed because it is only 3 hrs. not every week.
3.  Talked to Mom on the way home the past 2 nights.  Usually I just talk to Daddy and she is in the background adding words every now and then.  He is out of town so I call both of them.
4.  William is getting better.  He is on antibiotics (again) and we started giving him vitamins in his morning bottle. 
5.  I love the age William is right now (minus the up and coming attitude).
6.  It is hard getting home close to 6 and trying to get everything done (laundry, cleaning, William stuff).  I need at least one more hour in the day.
7.  I hope I get a teaching job in August.  I do not want to forget what I learned in school :(
8.  Vacation was approved at work and we are flying to Orlando in July.
9.  Disney World.  yes.  and of course HP WORLD!
10.  Opened up online banking and saw my paycheck.  Feels good.
11.  Hoping to get our Christmas tree this weekend.  Again no time, no time.
12.  I LOVE my hubs.  He is not perfect but pretty close.  I walked in Tuesday night to a clean baby and dinner on the table (or TV tray in our case).
13.  Christmas is this month.  Can not believe it.  William will be wearing Christmas stuff at least once a week, maybe more :) 

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