Sunday, December 25, 2011

William's First Christmas

William knew exactly what to do with his presents.  He would open one, play with it, and move on to the next.  He is at the curious stage and into everything.  He crawled over the gifts to get the tree, fireplace, bookshelf, etc.  I decided to take a few gifts (he got way too many) and will let him have one every few months.  A lot of the toys are for older babies so he will enjoy them more next year anyway. 

I have to admit I am glad the holidays are coming to a close.  I miss my brother more this time of year than any other time.  The memories of Christmas when we were kids are still so clear.  We were SPOILED rotten and we each had our own side of the tree.  We played all day and then would pack up and go to Meme's.  We would play in the car, argue, and play some more.  As much as William fills my heart a piece is still missing because I know longer can hear Christopher's voice, laugh, or get a high five.  He was not perfect but there is no reason to think about those things I choose to think of the happy Chirstopher. 

Now for some pictures of our MAN on his first Christmas...

All the gifts make the tree look tiny :)

Looking a mess...but reading Ruder's funny.

Loves this house and it is very educational. 

Yep he crawled through the door...

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