Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet Mia

William has 3 cousins: Grace, Audrey and now Mia.  Grace and Audrey are Rudy's oldest sister's girls and Mia belongs to Maria.  Mia is so tiny and it is hard to believe William was her size at one time.  He was born tiny but bulked up very quickly.  Mia is almost 1 month old and loves to stretch.  Whenever she wakes up she immediately stretches and continues to stretch for several minutes.  We put William beside her and WOW he was a giant next to her.  Hopefully the next time they see each other they will be able to actually play.   

First time holding Mia.

Abuelo, Mia, Abuela, and William.  Yes the 9 month winter oufit turned into capri pants.

Just hanging out.

Rudy with his niece!

Sweet cousins.  William did extremely well because he was in bed for the night not even 30 minutes later.

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