Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Starting a "Top Ten Tuesday" and it could be foods, books, places, etc.  I do not know if I will do this every week or what but I will give it a shot.  The list is not ordered (that would takes lots of time). It will be funny to look back at these years from now for changes in preferences.

"Top Ten Baby Things" (Everyone does this but I want to keep record of it for myself)

1.  Pacifiers-  At first William did not care for them but now they help a lot.  I know I know, he should be weaned from them by now but we are not ready for that.  I do plan to wean him by 12 months but it will be a slow process not like sleep training.
2.  Ready to Eat formula-  It is more expensive than powder but as new mom I needed the ease of opening those up at 2 AM then walking downstairs and making bottles.  For the longest time I used them whenever I was not home to make a bottle.  That was silly!!  I was usually at my parent's house and could easily use powder. 
3.  Jumper-  William loves to jump.  Everyone says they have never seen a baby love a jumper as much as William.  He does not just sit in there and play he means business.
4.  Onesies-  No cutie outfits that consist of shirts, shorts, shoes, and socks in the South.  He was wearing a onsie every day all day (plus the ole bib).
5.  Gas drops-  We do not use them much now but when he was a newborn they helped (or was this in my mind).  I would give them to him and immediately he would poot (TMI) so maybe they did help.
6.  Vibrating chair-   He had one as a newborn which was used ALL. THE. TIME. and we upgraded to a big boy one later.  He is so squirmy we feed him his bottles in the chair.
7.  Carrier-  William's aunties got this for us when they visited.  At first he did not care for it but once he could look out he loved it.  Rudy always used it in grocery stores and malls.
8.  Hooded towels-  This is a no brainer but once I picked a towel without a hood.  I thought to myself why would anyone use these.  He gets cold so fast after a bath and needs the hood over his head.
9.  Highchair-  William never really used the bumbo so he started in the highchair super early and luckily he loves it.  I feed him in the mornings and usually he will play while I clean the kitchen.
10.  Dishwasher-  HAHA.  Seriously I would wash bottles by hand every day or steam them and then I decided what in the world I am doing.  I am standing up using precious time while standing by an empty dishwasher washing bottles.  BTW the bottles I use have four pieces plus the bottle.  Buy a munchkin dishwasher caddy and wash those bottles in the dishwasher.

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