Sunday, September 25, 2011


We (Bill, Carmen, Rudy, William, and myself) drove to Boston the day before our flight to do a bit of sight seeing.  William did great on the way there but it was raining when we arrived.  It was also chilly so we did not think we should go out but the hotel receptionist told us we had to see Quincy Market.  We got on the train with a stroller, diaper bags, and of course a baby.  William could not stay in the stroller because we changed trains multiple times and there were stairs.  I held William (pushing 20 lbs.) and Rudy carried the stroller; needless to say we were happy to finally get to our destination. 

Quincy Market was cool but not near as cool as the lady said it would be.  It was a bunch of eateries and a few places to shop.  Oh well.  We strolled around the city looking at a few sites (mainly Paul Revere ones).  Luckily we made it back to the hotel just in time for bath and bedtime for sweet William.  He was a trooper the whole time and even took a quick nap in his stroller. 

After carrying William in his stroller down a ton of steps because Rudy knew there was a ramp on the other side as well.

Train station.  It was soooo hot.

Right before Carmen grabs the stroller and runs for the train.

Paul Revere's house.  Went in but was not impressed.

Old North Church.  Pews had doors.

Just for Rudy.

Quincy Market.

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