Monday, September 5, 2011

7 Months

  • Drinking around 26 oz. and eating three solid meals
    • Trying all Stage 2 foods except ones with beef
  • Knows bottle and will try to self feed but not quite there yet
  • Also holds sippy cup but not drinking out of it independently
  • 9 months clothes and Size 3 Diaper
    • Clothing and Diapering is a hastle; you are looking everyone and squirming all over
  • Hair is growing at a rapid pace and looks dark blonde (has a little red tint)
  • No teeth yet but in bibs all day due to excessive drooling

  • Rolling all over the place
  • Plays in exersaucer and Johnny Jump Up ALOT
  • Bought you a "Cars" walker and you. have. no. clue.
  • Sits independently for a few seconds
    • Too interested in toys to focus on sitting
  • Bumbo is not safe; arches backwards
  • Will take something that is handed to you (goes straight to mouth)
  • Still dislikes carseat and now fights going in
  • Gets excited when sees Daddy after he is gone all day
  • Uses carrier in grocery store, etc. (only with Daddy) 
  • Has started really splashing in bath (spits up sometimes due to so much movement)
  • Sitting in grocery cart with cover and luckily it has a pillow we put behind your neck for extra support b/c you are a bit wobbly.  You enjoy the cart a lot. 
  • Still laughs so easily and can be tickled around ribs and thighs. 

  • Sleeping- Look here sleep and here more sleep. William is doing so much better with bedtime and naptimes because of the method I (we) chose to use.
  • In crib at naptimes for the first time except for the one or two times I tried in the past and gave up.


  1. Jennifer, I have loved reading about your little man! He is so cute. I have been meaning to post on your sleep training and just haven't had a chance. I definitely don't have all the right answers, but I have been through it. I guess you could say that we "trained" Payton at about 11 months. She was only going to sleep while finishing a bottle and really didn't know how to self soothe. I just talked to a lot of friends and took their advice and just did what worked for us. Just like you said, you have to follow your mommy instinct. It helped me feel better to have a video monitor so I could see her if she woke up. I found that more times than not she wasn't even fully awake when she was crying. There were times I would even walk outside because I couldn't stand to hear her cry. Just to give you the motivation to keep made a world of difference for us. Payton was never really a great napper until she was older anyways. We follow a relatively strict nap and bedtime schedule and she never gives us any trouble. Now that she is in a "big girl bed" she will even lay in her bed for up to 30 minutes without crying or trying to get up until she goes to sleep. She also takes 3-4 hour naps in the afternoons. I say this to encourage you to not give up! I promise it will pay off! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for commenting. I have been reading your blog for a long time and love it. Well I am glad to here about the nap thing. I have read so many DIFFERENT things but I do not think William is a 2.5 hr napper right now. I am doing my best and thats all Mommys can do :)