Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things going on...

Sleep training is still alive and well at the Yeatman house.  I have to say as hard as it is to here William cry he is learning to self soothe.  Nights are better than days ( I thought it would be the other way around) but I am not complaining.  William is on a 3 nap schedule mainly because his naps are short (40 min to 1 hrish).  Every baby is different so I can not make William take a 2 hr nap because I read babies his age do.  He is happy when he is awake and eats with a smile (most of the time).  Many people have told me they can not do a "cry it out" and I thought I was one of them.  However, I see that William wakes up happy to see us and does not seem at all emotionally disturbed.  This is hard now but can you imagine doing it with a two or three year old? 

Auburn football has started and I went to the game with my Dad.  The campus changes every time I visit but I still love being there.  We walked around, had breakfast and bought a couple of T-Shirts.  William's shirt reads, "I Have Been An Auburn Fan My Whole Life" and I could not pass it up.  I put on sunscreen twice before the game but my shoulders look absolutely terrible.  I do not remember the last time I was this sunburned.  I did not take pictures; it was just me and Dad so pictures are hard with two people.  Thoughts on the game: YEEKS! 

The most exciting thing going on right now is our trip to Maine in 10 days.  I have to start packing soon.  Flying for the first time with an infant scares me immensely but it will be worth it once we get there.  William is meeting cousins for the first time and gets to see his Abuelo and Abuela.  They left after his 2 week checkup and I can not wait to see him in Carmen's arms. 

This is a random post but an update nonetheless without pictures.  Tomorrow is lucky 7 for sweet William; check back for his post. 

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