Thursday, September 15, 2011

13 on Thursday (from Maine)...

  1. William was an amazing baby on all the plane rides.  He took naps at his normal nap times and ate on schedule (all while running around airports). 
  2. When we got the airport in Birmingham our stuff (William's stroller, carseat, 2 diaper bags, and his carry on luggage) took up 3 chairs.  Picture of this will be in a later post.
  3. I will not change my baby's diaper in an airplane bathroom unless its poop.  I will place that little (big) guy in Ru's lap and that will be that.  He has not peed on us since his newborn days. 
  4. The 2 hr. car ride from Boston to Maine was not as amazing.  I am not blaming him at all; much rather a fussy baby in a car with family then a silent airplane.  You could see in the eyes of passengers when we boarded, "Not me, please do not sit by me."  Well, William showed you.
  5. As amazing as William was the guy beside me on the first flight was in the negative for amazing.  He toyed with the idea of puking when the plane got in the air then went ahead and puked as the plane landed.  Thank you God for the baggies.  Yes, I actually handed him mine just in case.
  6. He loves his Abuela and that makes my heart smile more than you can imagine.  It stinks we live so far apart. 
  7. Formula and William are taking a "break" in their relationship.  As happy as they were in the beginning William needs some time to sit back and enjoy solids and juice.  As a Mommy it bothers me; he needs the formula but William is a big boy so my concern is not extreme.
  8. I held Mia and I honestly do not believe William was ever her size.  It was like holding a feather (a precious, beautiful feather that can not fly in the air and land) and I immediately missed William being in the newborn stage.  This quickly faded as Maria reminded me of feedings at night; I treasure sleep like most women treasure diamonds. 
  9. Job interview lasted an hour.  I was impressed with myself; my last job interview lasted 5 minutes and was for a cashier position with Publix.  Quote from interviewer, "You aced that question by the way."
  10. I have not heard from the company.  This makes me sad but I am sooooo thankful for an interview.  I need interviews for practice or the two degrees I earned will turn to mush.  William never asks me scenario questions and neither does ABC Family.
  11. Being around Rudy's family makes me happy even if William's routine is flip flopped.  I could never move here for 2 reasons: 1. I would freeze into a piece of ice and most importantly 2. I can not be that far from my parents.
  12. My parents would never ever move out of Alabama. 
  13. William is napping right now in the pack n play which he has never used for more than 5 minutes since we moved him to his bed.  He adapts so easily.  Still fusses before a nap but soothes himself to sleep.  Love him to pieces. 

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