Thursday, September 8, 2011

13 on Thursday

I read a lot of blogs and decided to do a "13 on Thursday." 

1.  I took Baxter to the groomer this morning and William had to join in on the fun.  Imagine me, stroller, infant, and a crying yorkie trying to just make it inside PetSmart.
2.  Cleaning. cleaning. cleaning. 
3.  We were going to give a desk to Salvation Army but after getting it downstairs we decided to use it to hold our microwave.  I know you are thinking, "TACKY," and well it probably is but it looks better than an old wobbly white bathrom thingy from my college days.
4.  William slept in until 7:23AM today and took two great naps without much fuss.
5.  Third nap was an epic fail.  Ice cream man scared him to death with the "shoot me in the head" music.
6.  Bill's room (guest room) is now ready for his extended stay with us. :)
7.  Maine in 6 days!  Whoop. 
8.  I woke up, fed my man (WCY), fed myself, got a cup of coffee and opened Facebook (duh) and my dear ole Dad has friend requested me. 
9.  My diet is hit or miss.  I measure my cereal each morning then eyeball the rest of the day's food.
10.  William does not want to sit on his own.
11.  I hate paying bills and unexpected expenses make me sad.
12.  I hope to start planning our meals 2 weeks in advance once Bill leaves.  He would probably not approve of my list. 
13.  I am craving a cheeseburger.  Thanks Rudy for bringing the smell into the kitchen after I had to eat vege chicken nuggets for lunch. 

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