Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I have learned (wish I would have learned sooner)...

Just some things that cross my mind that I wish I would have figured out sooner.  At the Auburn game I asked my dad why I never listened about sunscreen until I was 25 years old.  Yes, it took that long.  He said kids just have to learn on their own sometimes.  I literally would burn to a crisp, peel and complain but I was too cool for sunscreen.  I was baking myself in tanning beds and thought I could handle the "big, bad" sun.  After the Auburn game I was still burnt even after SPF 30 and now I vow to wear SPF 50.  Here are a few other thoughts...

  • I bought the name brand of every product.  Makeup, cleaners, food, etc. and now I think back at how silly that was (and wasteful).  Now that we have to mortgages, bills, baby supplies and more I am more than willing to at least try to the store brand.  I have figured out that store brand cranberry sauce is yuck and I am sticking with Coke Zero.  
  • Skin cancer is real and scary.  I will not lay in tanning beds ever again and I wear SPF.  I have never been told how WHITE my legs are until this summer which really has not bothered me.
  • Science and math is what lands you a job.  I have two degrees and I am struggling to find a job  (however, I do have an interview with Compass Bank today).
  • Money I wasted in college is gone, gone forever.  Yes, I had a blast in Auburn (every Wednesday - Saturday night and my bank account paid for it). 
  • Quitting in the middle of something.  My education degree in Auburn; I do have to admit I enjoyed the program at Montevallo 3000x better.
*Just a sidenote:  Maine tomorrow.  Flight is at 8:20AM.  Pray for safety and that our sweet William loves planes. 

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