Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 Months

*Taking his picture this month was a bit like photographing a wild animal.

"Wow, has this always been part of the chair or am I just now noticing it after 8 months?"

"And Abuelo thought this would entertain me while I looked at the camera.  Ha, I'll show them."

"Really Mom, you are snapping pics of me with my pants tag sticking out."  "You are a real piece of work and putting the rattle in the side of the chair, trading you in."  

"You wanna see a little leg, do you?"

Eats and Size
  • 4 bottles-2-6 oz. and 2-8 oz./ Stage 2 fruit for bfast w/ oatmeal/ Stage 2 vege for lunch (sometimes a meat) and 4 tbsp. rice at night with last bottle. 
  • Anywhere from 9-12 month clothes. Size 3 Diaper
  • Went to the Dr. for flu shot and you weigh 20.2 lbs.
  • Airplanes
  • Visiting lots of new places
  • Stay in hotel and a bath in the sink
  • Meeting cousins
  • Riding on train in Boston
  • TMI but first diarrhea experience (two in a row and I called the nurse)
  • Flu shot
  • Walker-only goes backwards
  • I cut your thumb while trimming your nails :(  We were in Maine and everyone freaked out.  I did not get too upset mainly because you just whimpered and moved on.
  • Sitting- We put you in the pack n play with your toys and you do great.  However, you are still too wobbly to be on hard floor.
  • Set in restaurant highchair
  • Eating fruits out of mesh feeder
  • Pushing upper body all the way up for a second or so then falls face first  :(   (He does not hurt himself; goes down slowly but always plants face on ground and rubs around)
Other Info
  • Talks a lot-makes lots of sounds
  • Splashes in bath
  • No teeth yet
  • Sleeps on stomach now
  • Mommy got a full time job and you will start daycare Oct. 24
  • No more carrier; Daddy says you are too squirmy and seems uncomfortable
  • Abuelo accidentally poured coffee on you (it was cold and he was trying to throw the liquid out the window somehow it came back in ???)
  • Diaper leaks more than it should at night...looked at overnight diapers but can not find size 3


  1. Huggies makes a size 3 overnight- I found them at Target. They come in a purple box :) Good luck!