Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Minute Friday


  I want to catch every smile, cry, laugh, and babble William makes.  I want to place these things in an envelope, put in my purse and carry them to work with me.  When I start working full time I will not catch every milestone; I will miss so much.  William will more than likely crawl for the first time and my eyes will not catch his sweet innocent body going for that toy across the room.  Once I start work I will be out of the loop and I hope some of William will be caught on camera.  It breaks my heart to leave him and I may not be able to handle it.  What if he catches a cold? 


  1. Coming from 5mf. So precious catching those moments with your little one. Hope you get to somehow get to catch as many as you can. Looking at a few of your pictures, William seems so sweet.

  2. No matter what you catch or don't catch of his development, he is still your's. Your son. He will love you more than anything. Trust me. This is coming from a mom that had her little guy in day care at 8 weeks. They know their mama. Good luck, girl!

  3. It's hard to see our children leave our side, the growing they do away from us. But they always return to one place - home. Mom. Don't worry though, you'll catch so much you'll hardly notice the rest. At least for a while. :D

  4. Do you love me any less because I had to work when you were growing up? I may not have see you do all things the first time but I got to see them all.
    Love, Daddy