Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up

First time in a restaurant highchair. 

Played until the very end until we all lost our patience with the server.

We got to see Aunt Anna and our cousin, Lauren.

Took the Pack N Play on the porch for some sun bathing.

Eating out of the mesh feeder.  He loves it but it is very hard to get clean.

Finally sitting.  We are always close because he topples over easily.

Love this part on the pack n play.  It is for storage when you use it with a newborn but it also works great for Daddy's upper body. :)


  1. Yeah, those mesh things? I have already thrown 2 of them away because I couldn't figure out how to clean them! Oh, and your new blog design is great.

  2. They are such a pain!! He loves the juice that comes out though :)