Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

I just do not have much to report.  We have been hanging out around the house and just enjoying each other's company.  Bill leaves on Sunday bright and early and will be back in Boston around lunch.  William will MISS him riding in the backseat with him everywhere we go.  I went to my parents on Saturday to let Lexus out and he pitched fits there and back.  William definitely feels he should not be the only one stuck in the backseat. 

Speaking of William, he will be experiencing a BIG change very soon.  He starts daycare October 24 and I have very mixed feelings.  Some days I am completely fine with it and then sometimes I want to call and resign before starting.  He will be close to 9 months old and that makes me feel tons better.  William is a big boy but sort of lazy.  He can hold bottle, sit, etc. but prefers to be fed and roll around.  I just hope they respect his laziness and just because he is older does not assume he will feed himself a bottle.  I actually tried giving him a bottle of juice in the car and he just played with it.  I think daycare WILL teach him independence (he will not have a choice with other babies that have needs as well) and I feel this will be great for William.

I am very depressed about missing his 9 month checkup but I do not have many options.  The first 3 weeks I work until 5; I could re schedule it after I get my new schedule but that probably would not work either.  Our doctor prefers well visits to be schedule a couple of months ahead so I guess I am missing this one.  I will not miss the 1 year; I will take time off. :)  A little about my new job.  I applied for a job at Compass Bank literally a couple of days before our trip to Maine.  I got a call for an interview and they wanted to see me before my trip.  I then got a call for a 2nd interview while in Maine for the day after I arrived back in Birmingham.  I was offered the job the next day!!!  I will be working in Collections and it is not a "happy, happy, joy, joy" job.  My job is to call on customers in default on car loans, mortgages, etc.  I do not have much of a script so it is all me asking for money.  I KNOW I will complain about the job, possibly cry, but I know this is not forever it is just for now. 

On a happier note Halloween is around the corner and William will be a blue monster.  We got the costume at Old Navy while in Maine.  He will have been in daycare one week at that time and I have no clue what his schedule will be.  Right now he is in bed by 7 mainly because he gets super cranky and basically asks for his crib around 6:30.  I would not mind if he decided to stay up until 8 so I will get to spend some time with him after work.  All that randomness was said to explain why we will not be doing a lot of trick or treating.  We plan on taking a few pictures and maybe visit a neighbor for some candy.  Not to mention this a heavy costume and in the South it is likely to be warmish that evening. 

I guess that is it for now...I will leave y'all with this...

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