Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Plan

Eeeeks!!!  Daycare and full time working Mommy will be happening in less than a week.  God help us!!!  I am trying to soak up every last minute with my man this week.  I wish he would nap with me but since I "sleep trained" him anywhere other than the crib is play time.  Rocking William is also very difficult; he rarely sits still.  One time last week he let me hold him like a baby and I was rubbing his cheeks and I guess it tickled because he started cracking up.  I was trying to calm him before a nap but after that I started laughing and continued tickling him.  I love these moments. 

We decided to let William have a "trial" day at daycare this Friday.  I am mainly doing this so I will be able to meet his teachers, give them his supplies, and not be concerned about being on time to work.  Rudy will be taking and picking him up the majority of the time so this is my only time to meet everyone.  I plan on taking my time and I hope the teachers will be kind enough to listen to me ramble about his schedule.  I have no clue if they will follow it but I plan on giving them one.  I am prepared for anything.  William may come home and nap and be up later than usual.  All of us will have to adjust to this change and I hope know we I will survive.  Please keep us in your thoughts next week.  :)

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