Sunday, February 5, 2012

12 Months

Not our best monthly picture but this birthday boy has had a LONG day.

  • 4 teeth...thinking we are getting more...but everytime I try to look you quit smiling.  Too scared to stick my finger in there; may not get it back.
  • Waking up before 6 but able to stay awake closer to 7 if the 2nd nap is later in the afternoon (I strongly believe if he was not in daycare we would not have this issue)
  • 2 naps a day usually no more than 45 min. each and sometimes not even an afternoon nap (at home William naps soooo much better)
  • 12 months clothes but can wear 18 months for length
  • Size 4 diaper
  • Eats Stage 2 baby food (with rice) at daycare for breakfast and lunch.  Moved to Stage 3 at dinner.  Also allowing daycare to give him food off their menu if he wants it.  William wants it!
  • Whole milk only.  Does not need a bottle but I am having trouble taking it away completely.  He is getting older and it makes me a little sad.
  • Paci free since January 6.  Only place we really truly miss it is the CAR!
  • Pulls up on everything; no cruising yet.  I have heard that his ear infections could cause a delay in walking.
  • Can crawl up our stairs. 
  • Absolutely hates car seat.  We have tried everything and nothing works for longer than oh 5 minutes.
  • Very shy.
  • Put on miralex but quickly learned that the doctor's suggested dose was way too much.  I now do 1 tbsp 2x a week. 
  • Drinks juice but probably would not miss it if we never offered it to him.
  • Not a fan of getting dressed, getting out of bath, or diaper changes.
  • Diagnosed with another ear infection and got his first antibiotic shot.
  • Saw the ENT and William gets tubes 2/6/12.  What a blessing! 
  • First serious diaper rash happened overnight Friday (2/3) when he pooped in the middle of the night.  William was sleep trained and sleeps around 11-12 hrs a night.  However, he does fuss sometimes and goes back to sleep.  I do not go in there because I learned it makes it worse.  Now I will have to check because I feel like mom of the year right now with this rash.
Just for comparison-

In the hospital.

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