Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ears, Nose, Throat, and Eyes

Yep, that is right, there is goo coming out of everything.  William's tubes are doing their job; serious amount of infection pouring out of the left one.  His poor eyes have gunk piling up in the corners and the nose is well running like a faucet.  The cough is bad enough to bring tears to MY eyes.  William is still sleeping through the night but around 5AM he is having serious coughing spells.  I had to get him super early this morning because he went through two coughing spells that ended with gagging.  He usually just talks in the morning and goes back and forth with sleeping.  The past 2 mornings have been coughing spells. 

I am losing my patience with the sickness.  He went to the doctor and got ear drops.  However, there was nothing else he could do for William.  His lungs sounded good so need for breathing treatments and he can not have cough meds at his age.  I know babies get sick but aren't babies supposed to get well to???  It seems like he has been sick since November without a break.  I really hope he gets better or I may get kicked out of the doctor's office. 

PS: We really need to get some pictures of our budsy but he just has not been himself.  He is super clingy and has been throwing some fierce fits.

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