Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocking my Boy

I do not even know how to put it into words.  I CHERISH rocking William at night.  Honestly, I lay him down in the crib, zip up the sleepsack, and as he is falling asleep (BY HIMSELF) I pick him back up and rock him.  Now I admit there have been times I rocked William, laid him down, and he fussed.  At that point I let him fuss (less than 5 minutes) and he sleeps through the night. 

I am small and William is getting BIG so rocking him is comical.  I swear with his head on my shoulder his body covers my entire torso and his legs hang off the chair.  He still loves it and with me not getting home until close to 6 I want the time with him.  He immediately places his head on my shoulder and falls alseep FAST.  I put my face close to his and just think about how lucky I am.  He is healthy and learning new things every single day.  I love to smell him and play with his hair (yes, yes, he needs a haircut).  He is my baby and not to brag but he loves his Mommy.  As I rock him I imagine him a teenager and then my mind stops.  I seriously can not imagine not holding this baby and kissing his sweet cheeks.  I am the center of his world (and his Daddy) but at some point he will grow up. 

William will walk, talk, begin school, end school, and I will be so proud of him.  That is why I rock him even if does not need it because this time is passing.  I will blink and he will be in Kindergarten.  I will blink again and it will be college.  So for now I will force my eyes open and be thankful for this time with him.  I will rock my baby now and until he looks at me and says, "No more of this."


  1. So sweet... I cherish those times with my guys too. It is rare when they are still, but when they are.... oh... I take it in because it is going by fast! Too fast..

  2. Jennifer, please enjoy every minute with him because time does fly. Wish I could make Andy that age again. William is a beautiful little boy!