Thursday, December 27, 2012


  We all received so many wonderful gifts this year and are beyond thankful.  We started opening gifts around 7 when my mom refused to let the bud sleep a minute longer.  Next year I will be sure to change the start time in the event my bud wants to sleep late.  The first toy William saw was a Radio Flyer car that he can push himself on and that was it for any other gift. 
  We had the hardest time getting him to open and play with much else.  Even the nice wagon that he got was just hanging out holding paper and bows.  In all honesty, William was probably overwhelmed with gifts from Santa, Grammie, PawPaw, and Meme all in one room.  I would never  win the argument but I wish we could all decide on 4 or 5 nice gifts for him and that would be it.  Ha.  The good thing about all the toys is he will have new things throughout the year.  He focuses on one or two things and then a few months later pulls out a toy that has not been touched for months.  After gifts were opened it was time to start cooking.
  Luckily we decided on letting Publix cook the main dish which was them handing everything over in a box with instructions.  The turkey was cooked but needed around 2 hours in the oven and it was delish.  The meal also came with some sides that were not the best but we lived through it.  Rudy cooked mashed potatoes, green bean cass, his own stuffing out of a box (better than Publix) and that was basically it.  It was tasty but with William napping the entire time it was actually relaxing as well.  He even spoiled me by sleeping long enough to get the kitchen in decent order. 

Christmas Eve

Entering the living room on Christmas morning...

William's artwork put onto a garden flag!

Powerwheels..."It's a Jeep Thing"


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