Saturday, December 15, 2012

Do's and Do Not's of Hair

  Do get your hair done regularly because you deserve it.  Do not use a gift certificate to a brand new stylist because you can not say "no, but thanks."  I was given a gift certificate by a co-worker a while ago and was nervous about using a new stylist.  I did not want be rude so I used it.  I was skeptical as soon as I arrived at the new place. 
  My fears were confirmed today when I returned to my usual stylist and was told one side was an inch longer.  Really??  All is well because my hair looks great and my natural color is creeping back in.  I actually love it.  My goal is to quit coloring all together.  Ha, we will see.  I also made an appointment to get a special "keratin" treatment because I was told, "no more Chi."  You will see my hair down all the time if I just had to blow dry it and be done. 

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