Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recent Thoughts

  I have been a terrible blogger recently for a few different reasons: 1.  I hate that I am being forced to pay for pictures, 2.  Little bit of writer's block, 3.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are hard on my family as it makes us miss Christopher more than usual. 
  Not much has been going on with us other than battling an almost 2 year old boy.  I have found eating in public to be a chore.  William does not like the highchair and prefers DADDY's lap.  He does not eat so food does not help him sit still.  I would almost rather stay home but find myself going out anyway.  This is a phase. 
  Rudy's family from Spain was in town last week but they were gone to New Orleans for 2 nights.  William is doing much better with new faces and even sat in Carmen's lap while watching his songs on the IPad.  I wish Rudy would speak Spanish to William; I hate that he probably won't be able to speak to family in Spain.  Rudy's dad is still here and will leave on Saturday.  After he battled a virus he is back in the game and cooked a beautiful dinner. 
  We did make it to the park today and I took advantage of my IPhone once again...


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