Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just the Beginning-Playroom

  We decided to turn our dining room into William's playroom.  At the present time this is the best decision for our family for several reasons.  One being he has a lot of toys and is about to get even more from Santa and two our livingroom was looking ridiculous.  We rarely eat at the dining room table and William needed more space to enjoy his new toys.  The good thing about this was that my parents are "borrowing" the furniture because they never bought any for their dining room.  So when the time comes if we want it back I am sure they will hand it over. 
  The room is definitely a work in progress.  We bought 3 small rugs because I did not have the patience to wait on a large one to arrive.  We will eventually get an area rug but for now it works.  Also, the walls need some love and I plan on getting family pictures taken soon so that will be one wall.  I am tossing around ideas: calendars, bulletin boards, colors.  I am a teacher at heart so of course I want to turn it into a mini classroom.  Ha. 



He is getting an easel for Christmas which will be to the left of his table.

Book shelves of some kind are a must.  Brighter colored curtains that pull colors from the rugs will be purchased in the near future.  We will probably bring his toy box down; not sure.  The pack n play is for time out and I will be moving it once the tree comes down.  So...there is a lot more to be done. 

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