Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Letter to My Son


  Where do I begin?  You entered my life almost 2 years ago and I can not imagine a day without you.  You can light up a room with your bright, blue eyes and big smile.  I love to sit back and watch you play.  You are so gentle with things and then at the same time "all boy."  I know you have a kind heart because you are willing to share and always want to help.  Sweet boy, you offered your hand to Abuelo when he was having trouble getting out of the chair. 
  You have a strong desire to learn and are persistent.  The memory you have amazes me and frustrates me at the same time.  I absolutely love to see you run but it scares me to death.  Your little legs moving so fast and your giggle which is indescribable.  That giggle calms me and reminds me how important every detail of your life is. 
  I admit I look at your baby pictures all of the time.  I can not believe it has been almost 2 years.  You are so big and such a boy; no longer a baby.  I look at those pictures and I am reminded how blessed we are to have a healthy son.  You are developmenting each day and even do things that no one has taught you. 
  I will put you down for a nap and watch your eyes close then quickly open.  You do not want to miss anything but at that same time can not hold your eyes open.  I watch as they close and your long lashes fall onto your face.  Sometimes I bend down, give you "nose kisses" which must tickle because those eyes open ever so slightly, and a tiny smile spreads across your face.  I then lay you in your crib and holding tightly to a friend you sleep. 
  William, this letter does not even begin to explain my love for you.  It is not easy to put into words.  I am amazed that you are here running, learning, laughing, but not too long ago I was reading a positive pregnancy test.  You see it took some help from the doctor for me to get pregnant.  I was told I was not ovulating and would need medication.  I am thankful for modern medicine because without it not only would I have missed the experience of pregnancy but I woud have missed you.  And you my son are my motivator, my light when all I see is darkness, and my friend. 

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