Friday, December 14, 2012

Zoo Light Safari

  So...we wanted to take Budsy to the Zoo Light Safari and...we probably never will again!  We did the right thing and got there before they opened.  We went straight to the train, waited 40 minutes, and had to figure out it was broken on our own.  Finally, they started letting people on the train and because we were the first in line we got on the first one.
  William loved the train and set all by himself (in the middle of us).  It was cold but he refused a hat and gloves.  His 'tude will have to change once we get to Maine next month.  We did not stay long after the train because there was not much for his age group.  We saw Santa and although we had to sit with William he did great.  He would not "cheese" but his lollipop kept him semi-still. 
  Like I said we will not be going back until William is much older.  Plus it started at 5 which is our dinner time or close to it.  I was starving and I was filling the bud up with snacks. 

My blue eyed baby!

He is "cheesing" in this one.

Such great potential for an excellent picture...but you see our bud there in the middle freaking out!

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