Thursday, December 6, 2012

22 Months

    ** I am taking advantage of my IPhone since it is so much easier with a busy toddler.  Even with the convenience of having the camera at my fingertips it is tough getting a good picture of William. 

  • Around 28 lbs. depending on the day (weighed on our scale)
  • 24 months and 2T clothes, Size 6 or 7 shoe
  • Size 4 diaper, 5 at night, but I just bought a Size 5 because the 4's seem a little tight
  • I think 16 teeth...I am not going in there and he does not let me look.  Brushes his own teeth (with a little help) and even tries to spit.  This is hilarious!
  • Bedtime around 8 and awake around 7, naps vary between 1 and 2 hrs.  William sometimes naps less than an hour which causes a fussy evening (for all of us).  Also to note he is not going down as easy; he cries for about 10 or so minutes.  Hoping it's a phase.
  • Eats like a bird except when he eats everything in sight for dinner after daycare.  This is very, very rare.  William takes about 2 hours to finish his breakfast.  He takes a bite, plays, takes a bite, and plays some more.  He much rather play then eat.  William uses utensils and prefers them because he does not like food on his hands.  He will point to a napkin.  New fav-grapes!
  • Trying to talk more but still uses the "more" sign.  I say "more" every time he signs it and he will say it but is serious about that sign.  When he wants something he will sign "more."  William wants both Mommy and Daddy in the same place all the time and has started using a hand gesture to prompt us to "come on."  So cute! 
  • Loves to dance, loves Mickey Mouse, and still loathes the car.  He may be 5 and still screaming in the car; gosh I hope not.  He can "shimmy" into pants if sitting down, and he can take off his jacket.  "Talks" on the phone and still says "bye" to every single thing.  Pulls at his diaper when getting ready for a bath and he has to have pants on because he will take it off. 
  • Got his first haircut an actual salon and I was very impressed with his behavior.  He had a couple of suckers and sat very still.  He lost his attention span during the layering part but it still looks good.  He is beginning to look like a little "man." 
  • Still getting in time out and it really hurts his feelings.  I do feel like it is working and I will say at this point William does not respond to the "pop."  I may pop his hand or his leg and this just makes him laugh or mad.  Time out takes him completely away from everything (pack n play) and afterwards me or Rudy (whoever placed him there) talks about why he went in there. 
  • William does so many things and since I write these posts only once a month I do not remember every single development.  He is always learning and remembers days later.  We are so proud of him.  We try not to be concerned about his speech delay but as parents it is very hard.

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