Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chup Update

William is officially "chup" free and we are so proud of him.  The cut pacifiers were a big JOKE it took one time and even looking at it made him MAD.  Basically William only had pacifiers at naps and bedtime for the past week.  This worked out great except in the car.  The first day back to daycare was horrific and it takes less than 10 minutes to get there.  It got better each day (with some singing and head banging from Mommy) and we made it to Friday.  Honestly I prayed everyday all through out the day for my little guy to get through this as quickly as possible. 

He had not been sleeping well at daycare all week and was going to bed tooooo early.  William was ready for the day around 4:30 on Friday.  I quickly decided something had to be done and told Rudy to let him nap when they got home Friday.  I call Rudy around 4:30 on Friday afternoon and William had been screaming for half an hour.  As Rudy was peeping in on him the thought quickly occurred to me: DO NOT GIVE HIM PACIS IF HE THREW THEM OUT.  How mean would it be to give him pacis during the nap when I knew I would be taking them away a few hours later at bedtime.  After another 30 minutes he fell asleep and we let him sleep until 6. 

He had thrown his pacis out (3) and I guess that was it for pacis.  He has fussed a bit when it was time for sleep but overall has been great.  Never would have thought this was the way it would happen.  Every day last week I was reading and researching the best way to take a paci away.  I also was reading daily devotionals and praying hard.  I guess the Lord knew what was the best way to take a paci away from an infant: let Daddy handle it. 


  1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your comment. I am so glad that I was able to help you out. : ) I remember those days very vividly! You will be so thankful that he is through with them though. And yes, you can comment on any post and I will get it. : ) Take care!

  2. P.s Your little guy is precious!! William was on the tip top of my name list as well.