Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lose the "Chup" Plan

William loves his pacifier and loves throwing his pacifier.  Recently at naptime he SCREAMS like someone pinched him.  I did sleep training around 7 months old and I could not go in there for a hour during naps.  Well then I started working and the bud got several ear infections and I started caving (every single time).  I just keep thinking--his ears, his ears. 

As much as I do not want to admit this I have also started rocking him at night (and naps but not every time b/c of daycare).  At night it works pretty well and he sleeps all night.  However, napping is difficult.  He throws his pacifiers out and cries for them.  At one point I was putting around 5 in the crib, SERIOUSLY?  Something has to give.  Hence the plan:

I snipped the tip off of one this morning and he did not like it.  He actually used it for a second or two then spit it out.  I thought I might have cut off to much for the first one so Rudy cut a very small amount off another pacifier and it was worse.  William pretty much screamed all the way home from WM.  I noticed today that he is fine without the pacifier around the house but sleeping and car rides are a totally different thing.  I did not even plan on starting this today; I wanted to start next weekend.  I went ahead and started today but he gets a normal paci at naps and bedtime until Friday.

I know it will be sooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to get him to sleep without a normal paci and I need a week to prepare my heart.  Even today I felt terrible seeing him look at the cut one in disbelief.  I plan on telling the ladies at daycare to only give the paci at naps unless there is a meltdown because I know they do not have the time to give a cut one during the day and a normal one at naps.  We shall see how this goes on Friday.  William did better than expected today without one so lets hope this week he will become less and less attached to it.  I was telling Rudy tonight that I bet it will be at least an hour before he falls asleep Friday night when I give him a cut pacifier.  I think now is better than waiting any longer.  Hoping to be paci free by his first birthday.  Prayers are appreciated because I do not want my emotions to get in the way of what I know is the best decision for our son. 

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