Thursday, January 5, 2012

11 Months

  • Weighed 20 lbs. 11 oz. on 12/21/11
  • 3 teeth: 2 on bottom, 1 on top, 2nd one on top coming through
  • Usually wakes up before 6 am and can not stay awake past 6:30 pm
  • Down to 2 naps a day (rarely takes a 3rd)
  • 12 Month clothes
  • Size 3 diaper (moving to 4 after we run out of 3's), 4 at night
  • Eats 2 veges and 1 fruit a day w/ rice or oatmeal w breakfast and lunch
  • Fought over drinking formula for a week or so now you can not get enough
  • Drinks apple/prune juice several times a week
  • Putting whole milk in bottle w/ formula for the next month
  • No paci during the day only at naps and bedtime...hoping for it to be gone by his 1st birthday (eeks)

  • Celebrated First Christmas-loved the boxes and paper more than the toys
  • Can put balls or other objects inside boxes
  • Loves bear shaped gum ball machine that you put balls in pull lever and it comes back out
  • Points but not on command
  • Pulls up occassionally but not walking along any furniture
  • Dumped dog's water bowl all over the floor
  • Pitches little fits when getting in car seat, moved from area you want to be (dangerous places), takes something away from you, getting dressed and diaper changes
  • 1st chest Xray, bronchitis, double ear infection (I think you finally kicked it all knock on wood)
  • Separation anxiety-cries when we leave room for just a second

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