Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching Up

Not much going around the Yeatman household besides keeping up with a crawling budsy.  William is crawling at full speed and will take off in a second.  He loves the kitchen pantry and all the stuff babies can not play with that we keep in there.  For example: cooking oils, plastic baggies, foil, etc.  He also can pitch a fit (arching back, screaming) when you pick him up from a "bad" area and put him back with all his toys.  William has enough toys to last forever and I refuse to buy him toys for his birthday.  I did buy him a toy yesterday randomly but it was just too cute to pass up. 

He is beginning to fight with us over baby food and we are trying more and more finger foods.  He LOVES grean beans and we tried peas the other night.  He will eat anything except Stage 3 baby food which I can not blame him those look very gross.  William also had his first grilled cheese but I worry so much with choking he probably could not taste the bites. 

He is sleeping better at night now that he is paci free.  Naps at daycare are hit or miss (usually miss) so he is ready for bed by 6:30 most nights.  The one and only place I miss the paci is the car.  He loathes the care and the paci did help at times.  William takes juice and milk from a sippy cup.  He prefers the sippy cup with a nipple very similiar to a bottle but he surprised me and drank juice from his AU sippy cup Sunday.  I am trying to get him used to sippy cups because daycare will provide whole milk once he is on sippy cups.  We are still mixing whole milk with formula and sending bottles.  We will probably try straight whole milk this weekend and once we are out of formula that will be it. 

I am in the process of planning William's 1st birthday party.  We are doing a sport's theme because he is not "into" any one thing.  I want to save any themes he may like when he gets older for him to choose.  I am happy that Carmen will be here for his birthday and my family from Muscle Shoals will be coming as well.  I was having a lot of trouble figuring out favors for the guests.  It will be 99% adults so I decided on a picture of William in his birthday shirt.  My plan is to type onto the picture: "Thank you for celebrating with us."  I will place each picture frame in clear bags with candy. 

Like I said not much going around here.  Just William crawling everywhere and learning new things every day.  Rudy and I work and try to keep the house decent.  I am also borrowing Dad's treadmill and hoping to walk at least every other night.  My goal is to get in shape for DISNEY WORLD. 

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