Thursday, September 20, 2012

William's 2nd Surgery

  Well it started with William's follow up hearing test.  He passed his first one at the beginning of the summer but since his speech has not really improved he had to have another one.  Rudy and my MIL, Carmen, took him to the hearing test.  I get a text from Ru asking about my late night because they could not complete the test on his left ear due to the wax.  Ok, thought nothing of it.  I will take Budsy to the ENT and he will clean the ear so we can re test.  Ha, ha, ha, says our ENT.  William's ears are so full of wax that surgery is the best option.  Since he has functional tubes flushing is not an option and just like that surgery is scheduled for the next week.  I take off work and we are to be at the hospital at 5:45AM, AWESOME! 
  William can not eat so we stay up until 11 and offer him milk.  Funny thing about that was William was dead weight and sound asleep.  Rudy picked him up and he was not even in control of his body.  Needless to say Budsy did not have any milk.  Mama and Daddy stayed up for nothing and then woke up at 4:45AM, loving it.  William did great before surgery never fussing for food or milk; he just played the entire time.  Seriously, I pushed him in the wagon for what felt like an hour and he was in heaven. 
  Finally, it was his turn and I was impressed on how well he went with the nurse.  He did not protest at all (he did have his lovie with him).  The doctor came out and let us know William did wonderful during surgery.  However, his left ear canal is very narrow and surgery will be the only way to remove wax while he has tubes.  Glorious!!  I am blessed to have such a caring ENT and a little boy that only suffers from ear issues.  We took a few pictures on the IPAD but for some reason I can not turn them the correct way.  I am very OCD and that would annoy me forever so no pics for you. 

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