Thursday, September 13, 2012

Early Christmas

So...I caved; caved bad.  I fell for Birchbox and months of seeing others cave.  I justified it because it is only 10 bucks a month and this can be my "hobby."  The hubbers has golf, home projects, etc. and now I have 10 buckaroos a month of goodies for the bod.  Rudy mentioned in passing "that makeup box thing you ordered came in today" and I would have jumped in the air if I was not driving.  I came home to see it hidden under junk mail and it is a pretty tiny box. Ha, was I expected a box I could fit the bud in that only cost 10 bucks. Why yes, yes I did.  Anywho, I tore in the box and was thrilled with my findings.  There are things I have been putting off sampling because I am a cheapo (or the hubs is a cheapo).  Let's go over my early Christmas gift that will be delivered to me monthly--

Twirl-Perfume by Kate Spade-will be sampling in the AM.
Wei to Go-Gel cleanser and moisturizing face tent-always up for new face wash.
Twistband-my friend Erin had one of these and once I knew it was not a bracelet I wanted one.  Ha, joy of Birchbox deliveries.
21 Drops-Aromatherapy-yep need it.
Color Club Nail Polish-super dark and funny thing is I have been daring myself to go dark and now I can without it being a random purchase.

Of course a cheapo plastic bag to stuff everything in when you decide it is not for you until you throw it away years from now.  Hoping this does not happen but you all know what women do with random purchases like nail polish, face wash, etc.

And the book in the middle--no clue need to read it but not tonight!  Overall, very satisfied with my first month; October better not disappoint. 

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