Thursday, September 6, 2012

19 Months

Rudy was in charge this month and by himself so William is talking on the phone.

  • Around 25 lbs.
  • Size 4 Diaper, Size 5 at Night
  • 18 Months or 2T clothes
  • Size 6 or 6.5 Shoe
  • 12 teeth, who knows if he has more back there he WILL NOT let us look without a fight.  I was concerned about brushing teeth because he started fighting us then he was diagnosed with HFM.  He is now back on a normal schedule for brushing teeth-2x day.
  • Same schedule for daycare M-F.  (Officially in Toddler 2)  Dinner is becoming tougher and tougher which I think is due to exhaustion.  I believe he is very tired by the time he gets home and does not feel like eating.  I also made a slight change: no more snacking.  I had been allowing snacking due to 1. low weight 2. hand, foot, and mouth virus and 3. picky, but this also may part of our dinner issue. This has been a tremendous help with eating regular meals.
  • Napping once a day after lunch.  Of course since he is battling the virus he has had a few early naps, short naps, etc.  Now that he is over the virus the drool hasn't stopped and the crevices in his lips are cracked.  We are now using chapstick.  Sleeps through the night; bedtime around 7 and wake around 6AM.
  • Beginning to color and hold the crayon correctly most of the time.  William is becoming more and more interested in books.  He will even bring them to me and lets me get through maybe a page.  I am persistant but not pushy one day he will let me read an entire book to him.
  • William does a lot of "cleaning:" dusting, mopping, picking things up, putting trash in the garbage can and much more.
  • He has started saying, "car," and will quack and moo.  William quacks a lot even when we are not doing animal sounds.  He babbles more now which I hope is a great sign.  He had his hearing test and did fine but has to be checked next week due to excess wax in the left ear.
  • Grunts and whines for things and I say, "use your words" and will say what he wants.  Most of the time he shakes his head yes so he hears us.  Climbs on everything; luckily not out of his crib.  No plans for a change to a toddler bed until he climbs out or asks for a big boy bed. 
  • First time with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease and first prescription of Loratab.  Also first time in the ER but this was Children's so it seemed like any other sick visit.  This was absolutely horrible and takes at least 14 days to run "its" course.
  • William is doing great and is such a trooper through every sickness.  He is always laughing, running and learning which all we can ask for.  Thanking the Lord everyday for such a blessing.

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