Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Always an "Uh-Oh"

William does not speak at all really very much these days.  The one word he does know and uses quite often is, "uh-oh."  I find myself saying, "its not uh-oh if you do it on purpose."  Ha.  It does not matter what he does, good, bad, or just funny its an "uh-oh."  For memory's sake here are some things that are not "uh-oh."
  • Throwing pieces of food on the ground when done eating.
  • Tossing his cup across Wal Mart and watching it roll under an aisle-uh-oh.
  • Picking up his container of toys, take them all out while looking at us and uh-oh.
  • Taking his snack cup and pouring it on top of him as we are driving down the road--uh-oh.
  • Hitting or biting us-uh-oh.
Of course, William is disciplined for these things when necessary.  Honestly, I have to turn my head and not laugh when disciplining him.  Sometimes he is hilarious when he is being bad. 

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