Saturday, September 15, 2012

First AU Game

  Budsy had his first Auburn football experience and overall did great.  Not gonna lie about the car rides-several fits and a lot of entertaining.  William did not sleep on the way to Auburn (we left at 5:30AM or on the way home).  Once we arrived he was overwhelmed but in a good way.  He was taking it all in: the people, the orange and blue, the War Eagle's, etc.  We took the backpack but since William does not get in very often it was a fight at the beginning.  Once he was in he was content for a few blocks then would want to walk.  Not so much walk but be held my all of us for a few minutes each.   
  Budsy had a muffin before the game, snacks at the game, couple of bites of Grammie's burger, and being off schedule did not really bother him.  The heat bothered him!!  And me and Erin and Ru!  It was so hot; I just kept spraying SPF on us.  William slept on Ru by the concessions most of the first half and was kind of all over the place after his nap.  We walked the sidewalk on the upper deck, checked his diaper (did not pee all day then leaked on the way home), then ate snacks.  My dad decided to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter but we ended up in OT.  We needed to go because William was very red and hot.  After a stop at McDonald's we were home by 4:30. 

"So, I am gonna look over there not at the camera and Mama justa cheesing."

Love this of the Bud and my Dad.

The sun!!!

He was not having the pics today!

Only nap of the day.

Right when we got to the seats; right before Ru took him down and he fell asleep.  Pics out of order, huh?

"I am so over this Daddy."  Ru- "This is serious football William; shake it off."

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