Monday, September 24, 2012

Stuck on An Island

I am linking up with From Mrs. To Mama today...

1.  Tell us, if you could only take 5 people with you to a deserted island, who would it be, and why?
  •  Budsy-For real?  I could not leave my baby at home while I was stranded on an island for who knows how long.  He keeps me at peace (most of the time) and brings a smile to my face.  William would make me feel at home on a deserted island.
  • Hubbers-Gotta have my partner in crime if I am on a deserted island with the Bud.  Ru makes me feel safe and I would rather be lost with him then without him.  Plus, how would we eat?
  • Father-Smart, smart man.  He would figure out how to get us off the island.  Not to mention I have to keep a check on him (heart issues) and I do not know if we would have cell phone service.
  • Mother-Help me with the bud and we could not all be on an island without her.  You know keeping tabs; keeping tabs.
  • Dr.-for all of us.  This doctor better be packing lots of meds for infections and heart problems.  Would not hurt if he had been on a deserted island before.
2. Show us which island you'd like to be deserted at.
I know, I know this is a resort.  This is the prettiest picture I found and it looks pretty deserted to me.

3. Tell us, if you could only bring 3 items with you, what would those items be. And why?  1.  Guide for the island (ha)-this would include maps, how to get to food and clean water, shelter etc., 2. Do not know if anyone makes this but like a travel size cook kit-I would want to make sure we are fed. 3. Cheating here but a hiking backpack with all necessary items-hey the item is a backpack.  I can not promise that item will be empty.  :)
4. Show us 3 pictures that you would take with you.
Rudy's parents would not be joining us on the island.  For William to have.

Meme, my mother's mother.

Our home.
5. Tell us what you envision life would be like on that island. Do you think you would go into survival mode? Would you be like those Survivor people and eat bugs? What qualities do you possess that would help you survive. Do share.
I would go into survival mode.  I would read the "guide" over and over to learn as much as possible to survive.  I would build fires, cook whatever we "caught," figure out ways to deal with weather changes.  Eat bugs?  Not sure.  Honestly, I would have to been in that situation to give a truthful answer.  I say no now but who knows how I would feel on an empty stomach (days of an empty stomach).  The main quality I possess for survival is loving life.  I want to see William grow up; I want to have more kids.  I want to grow old and travel the world.  I would survive the island!

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