Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disney World

We flew to Orlando but my parent's drove so they left on Saturday.  William did not sleep any on the way there but was well behaved.  We went to Downtown Disney for dinner on Sunday and slowly took in the sites.  William prefers to walk so it takes us at least double the time to get to the destination.  Then we headed back to the hotel which was very nice.  Thanks Dad!  It was actually more like an apartment with two bedroooms, living area, and kitchen with a washer/dryer included.  I washed no less than 5 loads the week we were there.  It made our trip a lot less stressful. 

This was at our hotel and he loved moving them around. 

On Monday Rudy and Dad played golf so William and I relaxed.  We walked to the pool and played in the kid's area.  He even surprised me by falling asleep in the stroller as we walked.  This was the best day at the park.  Epcot had a lot of "chill" rides for our bud.  It was raining so there was not as many people and William was 100 %.  Dinner was amazing but did make me sick.  I guess the soup was too creamy but I was happy to see William eat his whole pizza. 

All we did at Animal Kingdom was the safari which William loved.  As high energy as he is William did wonderful on our laps during the rides.  We visited Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as well but everything seems to blend together; I should have taken notes each day.  :)

Rudy and I went to Cirque de Soleil.  It was AMAZING!  I loved every second of it and wanted to hit the replay button.  No pictures allowed so there is no proof Rudy and I had a date.  This show was sooo much better than the one we saw in Vegas.  I hope to see more of there shows!

Our navigator.

26 bucks for two drinks; yes do take a picture.

Just tall enough for the race car.

Big fan of Grammie. 

He does not like cotton candy.  Not sure he is mine anymore!

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