Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Personal Tips for Disney

For my future reference.  I do not want to forget how exhausting but FUN the trip was for us.  I believe some of why it was stressful for me was William's sleep routine.  Ever since he was about 3 months old he has had a bedtime.  Then I did sleep training and we try to be home for naps and home for bedtime.  So for me to be in Epcot at nap time throws me for a loop.  I have trained him to love his crib and because of this naps in the stroller and our arms seem nuts to William.  Of course he slept while we were out but not without a fight.  We were out late only once and he was out by 8PM in my arms which was not comfy for me at all.  Anyways, tips:

  • A new toy for the plane ride.  We bought William the Build and Read lego set for the plane.  The first time he saw it was in the plane and he loved it so much he played with it all week. 
  • Tylenol-he was teething the entire week
  • I carried cheerios for him and juice.  He was so funny the entire week.  William sleeps with lovies but during the day he clings to his sippy cup and snacks.  I think holding his "stuff" made him feel secure in a new place.
  • I thought Huggies Slip Ons would be a good idea but no they leak.  I found out Luvs are decent diapers.  We made a trip to Wal Mart for random items for the week.
  • If possible get a room with a kitchen.  William had his normal banana each morning and we were able to keep milk and juice on hand.
  • Choose kid friendly restaurants.  My parents treated us to very nice dinners but some were not William proof.
  • We felt like William needed to be a little older to really enjoy Disney.  He was hot, tired, and wanted to walk around which was dangerous.  I wish he would have been potty trained and could walk in crowds holding my hand.  Also eating was an issue.  This may seem minor but after being in the heat all day the last thing I wanted to do was feed William.  He should be able to use utensils. 
  • This is a no brainer but a back pack not diaper bag.  I used an old LL Bean which was perfect.  It hung on the stroller but could easily go on my back without William trying to get into it.
  • If you do take young children bring reinforcement.  My parents were great and watched William while Rudy and I enjoyed a couple of rides.
I have always said Disney World is my favorite place on Earth.  Now that I have been on the "Mom" side I still think it is fun but now it is also exhausting.  We will never go in the summer, ever.  I want my kids to remember it so they need to be about 10ish.  This way there should not be an issue with height requirements.  I would pack lunches and not eat at the park everyday.  Not that the food was not great but I feel so gross.  I have not eaten a vege all week.  It was fun but now I need a vacation or staycation in my bed!

Think this was the first night before dinner.

In my arms after passing out on a ride.

So hot!

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