Monday, July 30, 2012

Disney Eats

A BIG thanks to my parents not only for the trip itself but the FOOD.  We ate lunch at the parks so burgers, sandwhiches, etc. but dinner that was 5 star every night. 

Fulton's Crab House

I ordered crab cakes with lobster mac and cheese (for William).  I enjoyed the crab cake but the mac and cheese was spicy (really??) and way toooo cheesy.  Rudy ordered calamri which was terrible (we get this dish all the time) but luckily Mom did not eat so he enjoyed a filet.  The dinner was ok but I guess we were all tired because this ended up being our least favorite place.  The service was not great and he delivered a sob story about walking up stairs delivering food.  I do not think begging for a tip in a restaurant where the meals cost no less than 20 bucks each is necessary.  We will not go back here.

Coral Reef

This was my favorite and yes it also made me sick.  All I had was a salad and lobster soup but my stomach hurt the rest of the night.  Rudy got lobster mac and cheese which was great.  Dad got mahi-mahi which I stole some of the sauce covered rice for my soup.  Amazing!  The service was great and they had William's pizza out in .2 seconds.  We won't say the reason the service was 5 star was due to William tossing a sippy cup as we were settling in at the table.  :)  We will definitely eat here again.  Check out the link; the place is beautiful.

House of Blues

I ordered the wrong 20 dollar plate and I was bummed.  I had fried chicken and I hated the taste.  Even ranch did not help it plus they gave me 4 huge pieces.  I think everyone else enjoyed the meal and I would be willing to try it again. 


Yumo, japanese food ordered from the hotel.  I was exhausted and wanted to eat at home.  Of course Mom was all for it.  I loved the steak and fried rice is always a hit with me.  Rudy had a meat and two from a place at the hotel.  My dad ordered a steak from one of the steakhouses.  Anyway it was worth all of the running around to eat in peace and quiet.

Nine Dragons

This was a last minute decision on my Dad's part.  We had a night open for dinner and I wanted to visit Epcot again.  I loved it!  Rudy and Dad ordered meals and we all shared.  Mom got eggrolls as an appetizer which William loved the little shrimp in them.  It was funny all of us digging for tiny shrimp.  Rudy ordered honey chicken and we both had hot and sour soup.  The soup was not my favorite but was still tasty.  His meal also came with strawberry ice cream which William had the pleasure of eating.  I would want to eat here again.

I can not express my appreciation for these meals! 

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